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Jan. 2022 - May. 2022
Surface of Neptune's moon, Triton

Technical designer for the software mission control interface designs for the first micro-rover to explore ice on the lunar south pole in 2023. Contract with NASA.


UI Designer


Science & Engineering Tools


Jamie Dorst, Dina Razek, Katrina Hu, Lauren Park


UI, UX, User Research, Design Systems


🚜 Case study under construction. Please check in June 2022.

The MoonRanger team at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon is developing an autonomous micro-rover that will be sent to the moon in December 2023 to search for ice, a key resource for humans living and working on the moon.

MoonRanger micro-rover photograph
Photo of the MoonRanger micro-rover taken by Inbar Hagai.

The HCI challenge is to design an effective, easy to use mission control interface to enable a small team to manage the complex autonomous operations during the mission.

In Spring 2022, the team started ramping up mission operations finalizing development of the rover. A team of five Bachelors of HCI students, including myself, were tasked with developing the mission control interface for the project as part of our 4-month capstone.