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Summer 2020
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Introduced and tested home dashboard prototypes for the new Mastercard Intelligence Center 2.0 enterprise tool.


User Experience Design Intern


Enterprise UX


Saur (PM), Xi (UX), Panda (Mentor)


UX, UI, User Research


In Summer 2020, I worked on the Mastercard Intelligence Center (MIC) within Mastercard Data & Services, a self-service enterprise analytics tool for issuers to track and benchmark portfolio performance on insights such as spend, fraud, authorization, and interchange.

I was embedded on a long-term project for MIC 2.0, building out the first few iterations of a new home dashboard design and conducting preliminary research with stakeholders.

Project Definition

The initial project was framed as "improving Left hand navigation bar." After further user research, the design team found a greater opportunity to provide separate features and fixes that help navigation through a new home dashboard.

We proposed to design a home dashboard with key functionalities that could both help achieve a product phase call (self-service tool) and excite our users.

🔒 This project is password restricted. To learn more about my work at Mastercard, please email me.